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Clad Tube


RMK has its patent approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea and manufacturing method is very stable to fabricate mass production. There are lots of different kind of inner shapes and each shape has unique function.

For example 5 star tubes, it is used as heat transfer tubes because of the high tube efficiency. The difference between AL 5 star and 4 star inner fin tubes is the speed of a moving fluid and the degree of tube heat efficiency. The speed of the moving fluid of AL 5 star is slower but the heat efficiency is higher because of the surface area.

Cu-Ni double wall leak detector tube is used as a heat exchanger with a number of holes inside of the tube. It prevents leakage and corrosion, and is the cost efficiency but not as high heat transfer as double wall tubes.

14 holes tube is used as a heat exchanger for the marine and battle ship. It prevents corrosion & leakage and at the same time, maximizes surface area to achieve high tube efficiency